What role do web to print solutions play in the development of marketing and graphics agencies?

Abhishek Agarwal
5 min readJul 23, 2021

If we look at the marketing trends, the world of marketing is constantly evolving with each passing day. With the inclusion of the virtual world, social media and OTT platforms, marketing has now expanded and because of these trends, the overall conventional marketing methods are also aligned with digital marketing for uniform marketing of a brand.

Marketing and Printing Industry- a Complementary demand relationship:

Over the period of last two decades, the marketing world has witnessed many trends such as moment marketing, creative copies and topical marketing, typography and unique guerrilla marketing trends on social media and online platforms. Even in the offline marketing space, there are many changes in the way brands are making their banners, t-shirts, flyers, visual ads on LED hoardings, placement of Ads in different spaces. All these marketing collaterals are used to create a brand persona and are personalized in terms of font, color, shape, size and many other such aspects to ensure that their branding collaterals stand out in the cluster and attract the attention of their target audiences.

Digitalization and its role in Marketing and Printing:

With the changing dynamics in marketing, there have been a lot of changes in the Printing Industry as well. As marketing is one of the biggest customers of the Printing Industry, especially those who deal in B2B printing services, the industry is also experiencing a lot of boost in its revenue. But, with the digitalization of marketing, there has also been digitalization of the printing industry and with it; there has been a rise in the adaptation of online web2print solutions! In this blog, we will see how these solutions are shaping the way marketing and graphics agencies are creating their designs and how web to print helps in their development.

Web to print solutions for marketing agencies:

But, before we move to how web to print solutions are contributing towards the success of marketing agencies, first, let’s understand what a web to print solution is. To put it in laymen’s terms, web2print solution is self-service design software that allows its users to customize and personalize products and create marketing collaterals such as banners, labels, signage, logo, visiting cards and many others. Not only is this alternative easy and user-friendly, but users can also create any designs with the help of templates without the need of a designer and convert their vision into a ready-to-print output file.

Now that you have a basic idea as to what web to print solutions are, let us understand how they help a marketing agency:

Web to print solution and its role in the development of the marketing agencies:

1. Integral marketing collateral for the agency:

With a web2print solution for your marketing agency, you can empower your customers to create their own marketing collaterals from your online platform and get a print-ready output file that can be sent to a local printer right from the backend of the system! This feature alone can help you garner attention from many enterprises and help you promote your business and services right from the platform. Also, you can share your brand work directly from the web to print platform and promote your agency work on a social media platform. Thus, an ideal web to print solution serves as marketing collateral for your marketing agency.

2. Improves customer satisfaction:

Web to print solutions can be integrated into most of the e-commerce platforms and can also be rendered as a mobile responsive solution for your customers to access anywhere and anytime. Thus, with a web to print solution, you can never miss a branding order from your customers and thus, your customer engagement will be increased. Also, as web to print eliminates the requirement of the manual design process, customers get their desired designs without the hassle and thus, the overall customer satisfaction rate of your agency improves.

3. Personalized print media:

Whether you are creating collaterals for your own marketing campaign or for one of your clients, with online printing software you can create personalized print collaterals right from the scratch or with the help of design templates. Also, web to print solutions allows you to use multiple shapes and sizes, elements such as icons, fonts, text, logo, images, clip art and others to create a unique design. To put it in a nutshell, web to print solution is a personal content creation factory for your marketing agency.

4. Process Automation:

Right from design conceptualization to sending print-ready files, every step of the process can be automated. With web to print solution integrated into a personalized micro-website created for your agency, you can empower your designers to create unlimited design templates online and ask your customers to select one template and create their marketing collaterals. Right from social media posts to banners, flyers, cards and other such marketing materials, every product can be created without the need for human resources.

5. Digital transformation:

A web to print solution integrated into a micro-website is not just an online artwork design tool, but also a customer and content management solution along with a digital asset management portal for a marketing agency! With a web to print solution and a custom website, a marketing agency can ensure a seamless digital transformation of their business that increases their productivity and can also help in achieving operational excellence with minimal efforts, resources and cost.

6. Quick monitoring and Insight:

Right from managing your orders online to getting a quick view of your current orders to detailed effective user management under one roof. Ensure seamless user experience without any hassle or chaos and that too with minimal administrative cost. You can also get dynamic reports for different aspects and make informed decisions regarding your marketing agency with the help of a online printing software.

Make marketing seamless with web to print:

Marketing is a creative process and it requires a lot of manpower and brainpower to conceptualize a viral marketing campaign. But, conventionally marketers spend a lot of time in executing orders and managing clients and less on actual conceptualizing. With web to print solution, a marketing agency can automate their order management and execution process and thus, allow your marketers to work on serving clients and creating viral campaigns.



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