Understand How a Label Design Software Can Skyrocket the Growth of Your eStore

Abhishek Agarwal
3 min readMar 27, 2020

With the rise of products, the need for label printing is also boiling up to meet which, label design software came into action and guess what, it is not only benefitting customers but can change the growth dimension of your business as well.

Labels are the most important factor in any product manufacturing since it is through them, we identify and get to know about a particular product. From photo labels, barcode labels, product labels, packaging labels, mailing labels, to asset labels, they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. In order to design each in a unique and presentable way, one software was introduced into the print industry called — Label Design Software which changed the entire label printing method into something unexpected in a very short period.

Now, with the label designer software, many online businesses emerged offering label printing solutions which triggered the growth of the label printing market and took it to new heights. Can you believe, the global market for label printing which was valued at $36.98 billion in 2017, is expected to reach $45.22 billion by 2022? Due to the versatility and flexibility, combined with the high graphics standards that the software offers, label design printing business flourishes and here’s how it happens.

How a Label Design Software Can Help Your eStore to Boom?

1. You can win customers with personalization

Online label maker tool is an excellent way to win more customers as it comes with personalization and customization features that one can hardly get from offline stores. A user can either edit ready to buy as well as professionally designed editable label templates for quick ordering or customize it overall in terms of shape, size, colour, text, clipart, image, etc. which will encourage more and more customers to flock into your store and design and order labels as per their requirement.

2. You get customers on the go

Since mobile users are increasing day by day, another way an online label designer software will help you gain more sales is with its mobile quick edit feature. Its form-based quick template editing for ordering labels on-the-go for mobile users makes it easier for users on-the-go to design studio or edit a template from any device and order labels hassle-free.

3. Get more corporate hooked to your business

Corporate customers have a frequent need for labels to whom you can serve well with label design software using its option to set up a private branded corporate storefront having their ready-made label templates for personalization and ordering.

4. Increased automation means more business

Label design software makes things easy and streamlined for both customers and the store owner due to its various plus points like shorter print runs, faster turnaround, greater flexibility and customization. The integrated workflows that you get with the implementation of this software will help you optimize the time to market and satisfy consumer demands without any delays. With its complete back-office admin and storefront features, managing and running your label printing business won’t be a headache at all which will bring you more sales means a guaranteed growth.


Label printing will continue to grow and the only current and trending way to supply innovative labeling solutions to satisfy the most demanding brand owners and customers is via online label designer which you must get it now from Design’N’Buy if you want your eStore to turn into a big sensation.

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