Top 5 Industries where Banner Printing Demand is Surging

Abhishek Agarwal
4 min readMar 3, 2021

Many think that Digital Marketing is killing conventional marketing. While some industries and businesses have made a paradigm shift and are focusing only on digital campaigns more, the majority of the industries are taking a different approach that combines both online and offline marketing! According to recent statistics, there are still 31% of the world population does not have access to the internet, and industries that need to make a global penetration understand the fact that conventional marketing is just as essential as digital marketing.

But, with the increasing penetration of the internet and with the increasing dependency of people on online platforms, brands are using conventional marketing methods to redirect their customers and potential target audience on the online platforms via conventional marketing methods such as Banners! Marketers are employing different strategies to create a seamless and uniform marketing strategy where customers can communicate with a brand via any of their preferable channels.

Whether we talk about online orders and store pickups or talk about using banners for discounting and redirecting audience on the website or social media platforms via banners, brands are creating a customer-centric omnichannel marketing strategy for optimum reach and sales. But, there are only a few of the industries that have managed to leverage Banners as their prime marketing tool and if you are into the Banner Printing business, the following are the industries that you must focus on as the Banner Printing demand in these industries is surging!

Top 5 Industries where Banner Printing Demand is Surging:

1. Digital Platforms (e-commerce and Mobile Apps):

This might come as a surprise to many but there are many digital platforms that are leveraging banners for branding purposes! But, in the era of personalized marketing and brand uniformity, the demand for banner designs varies from business to business. While some digital platforms require banners to communicate their brand existence, others are using banners to communicate their promotional schemes and marketing campaigns.

Because of such varied purposes, these brands are integrating various elements in their banner designs such as their logo, unique color combination for brand identification and uniform marketing, use of QR codes, and many other such elements. Thus, it is essential that to attract and convert these potential markets into business, you must have an ideal banner design software integrated on your online platform to provide quick and easy customized banner design services to your customers.

2. Real Estate:

Real estate is one such industry where banners are integral for brokers and construction companies. The real estate industry is using banners to promote their booking openings, to help their customers reach their construction site with directional banners; they are using banners to allow customers to get a location link via QR code and many other such purposes.

And with increasing marketing trends of creating creative designs and with such varied banner print purposes, the industry requires you to provide them with the best software for a banner design where they can use images, icons, text, color pallets, and many other such tools. Also, your custom banner design software must allow businesses to get banners in any shape and size so that they can make their designs creative. Also, to make the design process seamless, your software must have instant quotation capabilities and customized pricing policies for bulk orders.

3. Education:

Education is one such industry that frequently uses banners both for marketing and informational purposes. While some institutes use banners indoors to market their result of batches and top-performing students, they also use banners outdoors to inform about the opening of the admission for the year.

The demand in this industry surges during the admission process and to get optimum sales, online banner print businesses must allow their educational customers to get quick and effective banner design solutions! You can use your banner design software to create design templates that these institutes can use and help them place a quick and attractive banner printing order.

4. Events:

Corporate events and promotional exhibitions are such industries that require a lot of banners and in many different sizes as well! Right from banners for branding purposes to banners to help promote the sponsors and to help visitors navigate the area easily with directional and schedule banners, the industry makes optimum use of banners and the demand is rising because of the COVID-19!

While the world is trying to adjust to the new normal, event organizers are making optimum usage of banners to communicate to their participants and visitors about events, stalls, safety measures, and social distancing norms. To get the most out of this, make sure that your banner print software is loaded with templates for such varied purposes and also allows customers to get banner designs in all shapes and sizes.

5. Corporate and retail premises:

While the demand for banners has sunk in the entertainment industry, new opportunities are rising with banners and labels demand increasing in retail and corporate spaces! Organizations are using various mediums such as banners, floor stickers, labels, and other such materials to communicate about the social distancing norms and safety protocols inside their premises. Right from directions towards sanitizers to banners for pick-up stands to floor stickers for social distancing instructions; organizations are making extensive use of banners. Ensure that the Banner design software that you have integrated on your platform can cater to all these demands and empowers you with increased sales.



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