5 Reasons for the Popularity of Online Business Cards Makers

Abhishek Agarwal
4 min readMay 8, 2020

One of the reasons why online printing services providers are making use of an feature rich design studios that helps their customers build business cards of their choices, is because that’s what their target customers want. There was a time, when the whole business of printing a business card was a long drawn out process wherein the customers met the printer and discussed what they had in mind; the printer then worked out a few designing options , the customers went through them, picked one and got their business cards printed.

As can be seen here, the printer is the one that controls the design process and all the customer can do is share his/her ideas regarding the business card. Now a business card is the business’s calling card. It’s the card that its employees carry around with them to introduce themselves to the business’s clients. It’s both an identification document and marketing collateral. To put it in a nutshell, it is of tremendous importance. So, wouldn’t businesses prefer designing their business cards themselves rather than asking the printer to do it? Of course they would and that is one of the reasons why an online business card design software is in such great demand these days.

Let’s take a look at a few more reasons for their popularity:

1. They Make Designing a Cake Walk

Even if you are the most unimaginative person on the planet with a serious lack of creativity, you can still design the most amazing looking business cards using the online business card design tool. That’s what makes them such good fun to use. They make designing simpler through the extensive range of features that they offer. Designing business cards becomes mostly a case of dragging and dropping various design elements and creating your very own custom designed card.

2. Professional Cards In Double Quick time

Business cards must look professional. This is an absolute prerequisite. They need to be seen as designed by expert and experienced hands, especially those that are well aware of how the business wants to project itself and its brand. This is only possible if someone closely associated with the business is in charge of designing its business cards. But if that person has very little or no designing experience how will he/she design professional looking business cards? The answer lies in the use of an online business card printing solution. These solutions enable the printing of professional looking cards quickly and conveniently. This is yet another reason for their popularity.

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3. Overheads and Affordability

The margins are always important in any business printing or otherwise. The fact that the use of an online business card maker doesn’t increase overheads and actually reduces them is a huge point in its favor. The process of printing a business card becomes much simpler and direct as it cuts down on a lot of time spent going back and forth between the printer and the end customer. And as we all know, time saved is money gained.

The use of such online card markers is also very affordable for printers as well as their customers. The affordability of any product or services is primarily judged keeping its returns in mind. There is no doubt that the implementation of an online tool that helps customers design their own business cards offers very high returns on investment for the printing company. On the other hand, online printing helps the customers save a lot of money as well. So, both the stakeholders benefit, which is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of such software.

4. Quicker Order Processing and Deliver

One of the defining reasons for the growth of the web to print industry is that the processing and delivering a print order has become much quicker. No business or person wants to wait around for their order to be delivered. They want everything to happen quickly and in a hassle free manner. In the case of business cards nobody wants to wait around endlessly for their business cards to be delivered to them. With the use of online business card design software, people can not only design their own cards, but also get the benefit of quicker delivery; the very fact that they have designed their own cards cuts down on the delivery timeframe.

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5. Everything’s so Simple

A product is successful only if it’s very simple to use. It is this simplicity of use that stands out when we look at the functioning of a well-designed and developed online business card design tool. It’s easy to implement and some of the better tools available on the market offer unmatched standards of usability. One can say that the popularity of products is directly proportional to its usability, and without doubt this is also the reason for the popularity of online business card makers.

End Words

By going through the various reasons given above, you must have realized one thing; it’s simplicity of purpose, convenience and usability that has made this tool so popular. Couple this with printing companies improving business profitability with implementing the use of such software and you have more than enough reason why such tools won’t go out of fashion soon and remain popular for a long time to come.



Abhishek Agarwal

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